16 March 2013

As seen on Pinterest

Made this split pea wreath I saw on Pinterest. Not an easy task took a long time and peas wound up all over the place. Looks good now though!

15 March 2013

Projects...Copied right from the Internet

Quite a few months ago, my husband was squeezing behind the kitchen table and window and snapped one of the slates on the blind.  I was going to replace the blind with a pull down shade, but the I saw this...Watch out!

Here's my finished version.

Next up, Lima Bean Wreath

Last- updated night stands and bench

03 October 2012

What have you been up to?

1-I repainted the small table in the half bath.
2-Added a few more fall decorations.
3-Have been working on cleaning out the detached garage. Ugh!

Fatal Fail- FIXED

So I went back to Sherwin Williams and spoke to a very helpful associate who told me the paint I was using- Duration-does have a sheen to it. So I cut a sample of the original paint, got a good match and all fixed. I did leave out the part that it took me 8 hours to fix. :-)

25 September 2012

Fatal FAIL

I learned today the real meaning of "you can't leave well enough alone." In the midst of quarterly sprucing, I decided to touch up some paint. Fail #1 why didn't I just go shopping or watch some tv? Why must I always try to be productive, like I am to answer for my hours and how they are spent? Even though I knew, after about 10 different spot touch ups that the match was off I continued on. Fail #2 my ability to persevere and inability to give up. So now, I sit with 5 rooms royally messed up. My husband keeps saying, "oh it adds texture, shadowing and intrigue"... Shut the hell up. It looks like crap! It looks like the walls have a bad case of freckles or acne. Fail #3 not being able to get out of the crapola mood I am in now... Damn type A personality!
So what to do...hire some one to fix my fatal fail? Or do it myself. I figure I can reprint all the rooms and halls in 6 months or pay someone an arm and a leg.

Today is definitely a day I am questioning my own intelligence and lack of common sense.

22 September 2012

Falling in love with...FALL

The time has finally come to decorate for fall. My planning went in place a few weeks ago. After a trip to the farmer's market with my son, we were ready to decorate! Here is the front porch.

Woo hoo... Wreath Holder

I saw a post from designstashblog.com about an easy, chic wreath holder. I took her idea and ran with it. For less than $12 I made one. My biggest splurge was the table leg I purchased at Home Depot.  All I needed was a table leg or chair leg, hook and wood base.  Two screws in the base to hold the leg in place and a little paint!